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О сайте: Nowadays most of the people are using wallpapers to decorate their home, flats, offices. Houses with wallpapers look good and give a good texture. As modern decoration companies are paying more attention to personal styles, so more people are started to using wallpaper for decorating their favourite places.

The employment of wallpapers is rising in household and offices to break the standard of using paint as a decorative material. Modern young people need more attractive visual kind of design.

Wallpapers are not only attractive, but they also satisfy the requirement of environment safety.

Non woven wallpapers and [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/pvc-wallpaper/]PVC wallpaper[/url]s are the most used wallpapers for home decoration, so which wallpaper is better depends on their material and other terms.

[b]What Is PVC Wallpaper?[/b]

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride are embossed to provide a luxurious effect. PVC [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/pvc-wallpaper/metallic-wallpaper.html]metallic wallpaper[/url] is durable and easily washable. A comparison with non-woven wallpapers shows that the installation and removal of non-woven wallpapers are much more difficult.

The main characteristics of PVC wallpapers are:

They are very strong and designer wallpapers

They have water resistance properties.

Affordable than non-woven wallpapers

PVC wallpapers are scratch resistance.

[b]What Is Non-Woven Wallpaper?[/b]

on-woven wallpaper is consists of natural plant fiber and finished with high-quality natural woods.

These wallpapers are made of completely different material due to that

Non-woven wallpapers are environment friendly.

The characteristics of non-woven wallpapers are:

They are lightweight.

Non woven wallpapers are very flexible and also very easy to install and remove.

They have sound proofing and heat proofing feature. Because of this, they are applicable to any kind of room

[b]Difference Between PVC Wallpaper And Non-Woven Wallpaper:[/b]

Non-woven wallpapers are one kind of natural fibre, which is environment friendly with the feature of moisture resistance, air permeability and lightweight. In present non-woven is the best environment friendly decorative material. This type of wallpaper will give you visual comfortability and it has the function of sound resistance and ventilation, which can make non-woven wallpaper first choice for top-end decoration wallpaper. It is most suitable for bedrooms.

Where PVC [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/pvc-wallpaper/modern-wallpaper.html]modern wallpaper[/url] is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride resin and high molecular polymers.

In terms of price, non-woven wallpapers are more costly as they have more advance feature and environment friendly.

PVC wallpaper is cheaper because their environmental protection is not so good.

The difference between PVC wallpapers and [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/nonwoven-wallpapers/]nonwoven wallpapers[/url] is also comparatively large, and they also have distinct advantages as per their functions so you can select your wallpaper as you need.

It is difficult to distinguish between PVC wallpaper and non-woven [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/nonwoven-wallpapers/stripe-line-wallpaer.html]stripe line wallpaper[/url]. One interesting fact is, PVC can be made into the non-woven fabric, but it is tough to differentiate. PVC is more important than non-woven wallpaper, and the texture of PVC wallpaper is hard.

If you want to install wallpaper for your home, then non-woven is better than fabric because non-woven wallpaper has better ventilation. On the other hand, PVC is used in hotels. It is also called engineering wallpaper.

If you are confused to choose PVC wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper, get in touch with us our professional will guide you and help you choose the right [url=https://www.zilanwallpaper.com/]wallpaper[/url] as per your requirement.

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